Manifesto video, 2013 remix

James Lamb, our fantastic colleague, and a student on the MSc in Digital Education, created a video remix of the manifesto at our request in late 2011. Last month, he decided to make a 2013 remix, because, as he says:

Influenced and informed by my own research into multimodality, I wanted to take a more critical approach to the representation of ideas within the video… Within this new version I’ve attempted to take a more rhetorical approach, where the images help to further the arguments proposed within the different Manifesto statements. I’ve also created a new soundtrack that it is intended to work more effectively alongside the images and words. I think that this new orchestration of communicational modes better represents the Manifesto (or at least, my interpretation of it).


A manifesto for teaching online, 2013 remix on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Manifesto video, 2013 remix”

    1. Thanks Derek. Very perceptive – I created the ‘soundtrack’ using Brian Eno’s ‘Bloom’ app.

      Just in case you’re interested, here’s a related music project I’m involved in that loosely explores how music and scholarly pursuits overlap.

      Thanks again for the feedback, I’ll very happily take the association with The Pearl!

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