Our first remix

Here is the first remix of the manifesto –

Manifesto for teaching online – {[//..-~>LOSSLESS REMIX<~-..\\]}

Thank you, White Label, whoever you are! The reworked text made me think about a lot of the words anew. My favourite remixed point is:

“Positive (inter)spaces can be privileged, as in digested; they remind us of a possibility that worked”


2 thoughts on “Our first remix”

  1. Excellent thinking – a little ironic though that the initially displayed form of white on black is painful to read and serves rather to highlight the ‘..courses that are fair of (inter)face…’ axiom… 10 minutes later, I’m still seeing lines in front of my eyes.

    White Label +1

  2. lol, andyT, you may be right! You’ll just have to take my word for it that it looks outstanding in print (which is what the white on black image was designed for). 🙂

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